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Please post your comments for “London Express” Tamil drama in this blog entry.


7 Responses to “Audience Comments”

  1. induscreations Says:


  2. Naathan Says:

    super super super

  3. Aravindh Sundaragopalan Says:

    The play was exciting.
    I could see you guys have put in a lot of effort into it. The sets and other things looked like professionals I especially liked the flashback sequence(new idea) in the screen, it would have been only better with a crisp and clear audio to it. I had to work hard to listen what was going on.
    I liked the broken glass idea. Neat !. And the treadmill concept for baggage checkin .
    I was there to see last year’s play, I definitely liked it. It was a wholesome entertainer and had brilliant characterization. This time I could see that dasavatharam Naidu guy had a very powerful and a clear characterization. Ragasiya Snehithaney was like a family entertainer with all elements likein a dharani movie :). This one is more like a out and out comedy. Both are good , but I like the dharani types. just my 2 cents. !

    thing to improve: Last action fight sequence needed more clarity. It looked more like a chaos. That is one thing I would say you should work on. I was confused on where to look and who to concentrate.

    The cast was really good and small things like bringing in a dog as a part of the act made huge difference. I was one among the audience , and I could see everybody was thrilled. Coffee day shop set needs special mention man !. !. Pass on my congratulations to whoever was involved in making of this . Mama, maami acting was good. police man get up awesome. super..! small kid acted well too.

    Congratulations to everybody. It definitely is a job well done !. The 15 $ was worth every penny !.

  4. Bhavna Shankar Says:

    You guys…this was such a fun play. Shankar and I were in splits. All you kadi jokes and original jokes….chumma kalakitinga ,to borrow a phrase from so many of teh posts I read for the past plays:).

    I just had one comment to make regarding the audience, and I hope it will be received in the right spirit by everyone. I’m sure we all noticed several families coming to the show with babies and young children. As a parent I understand that sometimes it is really hard for parents to miss out on fun events when our kids are young. But I also realize that bringing kids to a play where they are expected to stay quiet and still is unfair on them. Also, when they do get restless and start crying, it makes it hard for others to enjoy the play. My very earnest request to those from the audience who read this post – please consider getting baby sitters to watch your kids when you come to such an event. If your kids are too young, please consider taking turns with your spouse to watch the show.

    Indus Creations, your productions are slick and original. I won’t miss your next play for anything:)

  5. Deepa Says:

    One of the best on stage performance we have ever seen with an enjoyable story line. Hats off to you guys.

    Thanks for distributing the tickets.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    I loved the London express play.. and was blown away by the level of detail they had in the whole setup (stage, actors)

  7. RA Says:

    “Watched London express, absolutely wonderful tamil play. Wish they have more shows that my friends could go! “

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